2-stage training WAB briefly explained

Schematic overview of the 2-stage training WAB

Why was this rule brought in?

The probationary driving license was introduced on 1 December 2005 due to the large number of traffic accidents involving new drivers in the preceding years. The idea behind the new code of practice was to make a major contribution to reducing the number of traffic accidents involving young road users. The probationary period ends after three years provided that no offences are committed against the highway code leading to a disqualification from driving and therefore an extension of the trial period.  

What law is this rule based on?  

Article 15a of the Road Traffic Act of 14 December 2001

When does this rule apply from and to which category?

Anyone applying for a provisional driving licence for a category A (motorcycles) or B (car) driving licence from 1 December 2005 will receive their driving license after successfully passing the probationary test. The probationary period last for three years.

Who does this rule not apply to?

This rule does not apply to people who already hold a permanent licence for category A or B.  

When will the permanent licence be issued?

The licensing authority issues the permanent license after the end of the probationary period upon application when the applicant has attended the compulsory advanced training course.  

What does the compulsory advanced training course involve

The advanced training course should improve the ability of course participants to recognise dangerous situations as soon as they arise and to react accordingly. It lasts 16 hours and is spread over two days. The first day of the course must be completed within six months of obtaining the driving license. The second course component must be completed by the end of the probationary period.


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