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Am I required to attend the first day of the training course WAB within the first 6 months?
No. You must attend the WAB-courses within the probationary period. You can find the cut-off date next to section 4b on your driving license.

What will I learn on these WAB course days?
1st day of the training course WAB
The causes and legal, financial and social repercussions of accidents are examined in case studies. New drivers also learn on the practice course about how to avoid dangerous situations on the road.

2nd day of the training course WAB
On the second day of the course attendees take part in a feedback drive. Each of the course participants who accompany the driver give feedback. Participants also deepen their knowledge of cooperative and environmentally friendly driving.

Do I have to attend the first 2-stage training day of the WAB course first or can I start with the second part of the WAB course?
The first 2-stage training day must be completed before the second day of the course.

Do I need to do bring a vehicle on the day of the course?
On the first day of the course you will need your own vehicle as new drivers will be carrying out a number of driving exercises. This helps new drivers get to know their vehicle. The course can also be attended using an automatic. If you don't have your own vehicle, we can also rent you one. On the second day of the course our own vehicles will be used.
May I submit my application for a full driving licence after attending day two of the course?
No. The application may only be submitted one month before your provisional driving licence expires.

What happens if my driving license expires and I haven't attended the courses yet?
If that is the case, the new driver’s driving licence is invalid, so driving is prohibited. The new driver must subsequently attend the course during the period of grace (three months). Prior to the course, the new driver must obtain the day driving permit (Tagesfahrbewilligungen) from the road traffic authorities (Strassenverkehrsamt) so that they can attend the course.

What happens if I'm disqualified from driving?
If you’re disqualified from driving for an infringement during the probationary period, the probationary period is extended by one year. If you commit a second infringement resulting in disqualification from driving, the probationary licence is revoked. A new provisional driving licence can only be issued at the earliest one year after the infringement was committed and only then on the basis of a traffic psychology report.

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