The 2PA brand emerged from the Aargau association of driving instructors and DRIVESWISS AG. Under the "Strong together" motto, we combined the strengths of both teams and founded a unique institution in Wohlen in the Canton of Aargau, whose aim is to offer the best possible training to our customers.


Aargau association of driving instructors

The AFV (Aargau association of driving instructors) brings together driving instructors in the Canton of Aargau and currently has 170 members. It was founded on 20 November 2004 and merged in the spring of 2005 with the three other existing associations.

The AFV organises high-quality further training courses for its members. The association’s driving instructors incorporate this training into their theory and driving lessons and thereby make a major contribution to improving road safety. Serious accidents on our roads are still far too common and the proportion of new drivers involved in them is unfortunately extremely high.

Parliament therefore decided to bring in mandatory advanced training for new drivers. Driving instructors were tasked with implementing this second stage (2PA). As a professional association of Aargau driving instructors, we took up this challenge.

The driving instructors’ association found a strong and competent partner in DRIVE SWISS AG. Together they founded the 2PA brand, which is managed today as a department of DRIVESWISS.
We set clear objectives for our employees and instructors. Expanding entrepreneurial freedom also means taking on responsibility.

Aargauer Fahrlehrerverband


The DRIVESWISS team is delighted to focus on the training and further instruction of learner drivers, driving instructors and professional drivers. 

We have a state-of-the-art training centre with automatic watering, light signals and speed measuring systems, backup facilities and fully equipped theory rooms.

DRIVESWISS offers a range of services from driving instructor training, a driving school for all categories, new driver training and voluntary advanced driver training, right through to driving events for companies, off-road training and vehicle presentations.



Address Breitistrasse 7
5610 Wohlen
Telephone +41 56 200 00 60
Email info@2pa.ch